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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pnk Guru: Business Strategist & Trainer
For Individuals, Business and Industries.

To Young Generation Friends,

This is a special website of a present day 'Business Strategist' having an interesting origin. Pnk Guru is basically a Graduate in Agriculture, a science of cultivation of crops, and a Post Graduate in Horticulture, a science of cultivation of flowers, vegetables and fruits with aromatic herbs.

Academic Excellence:

Agricultural and horticultural sciences generally have a net work of all basic sciences and researches in depth yielding an extra-ordinary wider knowledge in natural-biological,
technical-engineering and
socio-economic sciences.

He secured proficiency awards and a gold medal for subjects in undergraduate courses while securing 5th rank in the University. In his Post Graduate studies in Horticulture, he gained 3.77 / 4.00 as GPA.

His Diploma in Advance Management (DAM) in Energo Cybernetic Strategy (EKS) of German Origin is a turning point.This is an extraordinary special subject having hundred percent practical application in day to day activities of persons engaged in successful business or personal career in India and else where.

EKS-Business Strategy for Success:


1. All the successful persons are adopting EKS principles with or with out their knowledge.

2.Those adopt with out their knowledge, they waste time in trial and errors in achieving their goal.

3.If you learn and adopt these principles knowingly, you will achieve success quickly- in a shorter time.
  • Pnk Guru delivers lectures on Business Strategy for Success in educational and training institutions.
  • He guides small and medium industries for their instant growth and increase in sales turnover by EKS Marketing Strategy.